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1st. Annual Manduke Baldwin Memorial Tournament



   The Teams:

"Team Manduke" "Team Gordon" "Team Oskie"
Kimo Huddleston Herman L. De Coite Ka'aina De Coite
Bob Nooney Emiliano Achaval Knox Weymouth
John Thuro Scott McKay Raymond Noh

The tournament started on Friday, May 23rd 2003. A round robin format was followed.
Sunday, May 25th. Memorial weekend, was the biggest turn out so far of the year at the newly renamed "Manduke Baldwin" Arena Polo Field. The polo fans came to see the second half of the round robin. It was promised to be a fast game of polo. They were not disappointed!

The day started with two chukkers of "Cowboy Polo". As we were honoring Manduke, it was fitting to have some cowboy polo. He was called "The cattleman of the century", as he managed Haleakala Ranch for several decades, improving pasture ranchland with different grasses and bringing in new genetics to improve the ranch herds.
The stories of Manduke as a cowboy, could fill a book, and his horsemanship and ability to play polo, knowledge of the game could fill another...
Manduke's son, Peter, refereed the Cowboy game.
One of the Cowboys that played, now retired from Haleakala Ranch after many decades,  a well respected Horse shoer, Henry Sylva.
Henry, worked for Manduke, in the late 50's helping with the polo ponies in their annual trip to the inter island  championships on Oahu.
Rich Roenisch sculpted 2 Perpetual Memorial trophies. One for the annual Cowboy game and one for the regular polo game. Along with belt buckles, the cowboys were honored by having their names engraved on their perpetual trophy.
After the cowboy game, Valerie Vairetta, a MPC club member held a Vaulting demonstration.

The name of the 3 teams were taken from the  names of the legendary Black and Gold Maui Polo Club team of the late  50's. Richard "Manduke" Baldwin, Harold "Oskie" Rice and  "Gordon" Von Tempsky.
Together that famous team played for many years in Oahu against visiting teams from all over the world with players such as Peter Perkins, Gracidas, Daileys, Beals Gen. George S. Patton and many others.

After that the first two teams went on the field. For the first two chukkers it was Team Oskie Vs. Team Manduke, with a continuing score from Friday of 6 to 3. After two very hard and fast chukkers, Team Manduke were ahead by 2 goals, the final score was 10 to 8.

Team Manduke chose to sit down, and Team Gordon came out to face Team Oskie. The chukker started at 6 to 3. In favor of Team Gordon
Having lost one game, Team Oskie knew it was do or die in their second game to have a chance to win, perhaps on net goals...  Team Gordon trio proved to be a strong opponent. They never gave up the lead, Herman Louis De Coite, a former LA Colts Star player, in the old professional league of the 80's at the Equestrian Center in Los Angeles dominated the mid field masterfully, showing glints of his former highest rating at 7 goals...
As the old club bell rang sounding the end of the final chukker between them, Team Gordon had 12 goals, and the Team Oskie 9.
Now the final showdown of the day was to determine the first champion to have their names engraved on the most beautiful perpetual polo trophy ever seen in the Islands.

The game started with a continuation score of 7 to 5 in favor of Team Gordon.
 Kimo Hudleston delighted the crowd with his long range shots, proving he can hit an arena ball as good and as accurately as an outdoor ball. Several of his shots had more than enough distance for 2 point goals, too much in fact, as they sailed over the arena walls several times to get lost in the pastures bordering the arena field.
Herman and his squad controlled most of the 2 chukkers, riding hard and scoring several goals.
Kimo and his teammates almost caught up, coming to  within one goal, 10 to 9, with less than a minute  left.
A penalty 2 was called against Team Manduke with just 40 seconds left on the clock. Making the penalty 2 Captain De Coite assured that there was not going to be a last second comeback by the Team Manduke. With the final bell, Team Gordon had  themselves a place in Maui Polo Club history by being the first Champions of the Manduke Baldwin Memorial Perpetual Trophy. The final score was 11 to 9.

A big party was to followed under the big tent set up for the occasion. All 3 teams were awarded Rich Roenisch Sculptures. The champions took home a smaller replica of the perpetual trophy, sculpted after a picture of Manduke playing an Inter island match during the 50's on Oahu.
A great looking polo pony was won by Team Manduke and an equally impressive horse head sculpture for Team Oskie.
Live music was provided by the Silver Spur Band and the great western BBQ by the Julio Ramos gang.

A big Mahalo goes out to Manduke's widow, Haku Baldwin, Katie Achaval, Ben and Peter Baldwin for sponsoring the tournament.