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Manduke Baldwin Memorial Tournament 2006

Monday, May 29th 2006, Memorial Day. It was a day that Maui Polo fans will never forget.
They were treated to the highest rated polo game in over 2 decades at the Manduke Baldwin Polo Arena.
Two teams collided to honor Manduke at the fourth Annual Manduke Baldwin Memorial tournament.
But first, the  afternoon started with a Cowboy Polo game, to honor Manduke's Cowboy roots' as he was one of Hawaii's most respected cattlemen.
Professional Bull rider, Maui's own, Myron Duarte was in charge of the PBR Team . His teammates included fellow PBR rider Sean Gleason and Professional Team Roper John Gwateny.
They Played against Team Kaupakalua, with John Prito, Mark Lopes and Fred Borsum. All 3 of them are accomplished Maui Team ropers and all around cowboys.
Team PBR got the edge, and at the end of their game the final score was 5 to 3.

L to R Top row: John Prito, Myron Duarte, Peter Baldwin, Mark Lopes, Fred Borsum, Ben Baldwin
Sitting Down: John Gwateny and Sean Gleason

The stage was set for the afternoon. The crowd of about 300 came to see a fast game of Polo and they were not disappointed. The Teams:
Team Manduke: Emiliano Achaval, Billy Sheldon and Marcelo Abiatti
Team Oskie:       Knox Weymouth, Herman Louis De Coite and Kimo Hudleston.

Herman Louis and Kimo made an explosive combination playing together. As they are based both in Hawaii, they very rarely play as teammates, always against each other. The local fans have been waiting a long time to see them play on the same team. Completing the team, Knox Weymouth, a very capable 2 goal arena player. It was a wait worthwhile!

Billy Sheldon, one of the U.S.A.'s most well respected Arena players, a 3 time US Open Arena Champion, playing with Marcelo Abiatti. Marcelo has been coming annually to play in Maui since 1992.  And long time Maui Polo player Emiliano Achaval, rounded up the teams.

Team Manduke dominated the first half of the game. At halftime the score was 8 to 4.
In the 3 chukker Billy Sheldon suffered a small gash below his eye (that required 10 stiches later).
Team Oskie caught up and tied the game in the 3 chukker.
The 4 chukker was a thriller!! The game was tied with less than a minute when team Oskie scored, making the score 12 to 11 !!!

Congratulations goes out to Team Oskie on their win.
A big Mahalo to Katie Achaval, Peter Baldwin and Ben Baldwin for the beautiful Rich Roenish trophies, the great BBQ and music after the game.

Team Oskie 2006 Champions
Knox Weymouth, H. Louis DeCoite, Peter Baldwin, Katie Achaval and Ben Baldwin


Billy Sheldon, Marcelo Abbiatti and Emiliano Achaval

Marcelo on Dip&Dots
Marcelo Abiatti On


Billy Sheldon & Kimo Hudleston

Marcelo abiatti

Marcelo Abiatti on Carolina



An American Legend playing polo in Paradise: Billy sheldon.  Knox W. riding off.

Billy Sheldon and Kimo Hudleston.


Billy Sheldon riding Kris.


HLD and Marcelo Abiatti