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2007 Manduke Baldwin Memorial Tournament


Team Manduke 2007 Champions, with Runner Up, team Oskie.

On Monday, May 28th, 2007, Memorial day, Maui Polo Club held the 5th annual "Manduke Baldwin" Memorial Tournament.

To start the day, 2 teams of Hawaiian cowboys took to the field to honor Manduke's rich cowboy heritage. For two chukkas the cowboys delighted the crowd in their bright Aloha shirts and western saddles .
Manduke was a great rancher, managing Haleakala Ranch for several decades, a great father and one of the highest rated polo players ever from Hawaii, attaining a handicap of 7 goals.
At the end of the second chukker, Team Kapakalua captained by Wilfred Souza along with Wesley De Coite and Paul Jacobsen had the edge and assured their spot in polo history by winning and the right to have their names inscribed in the Cowboy Game "Rich Roenisch" perpetual trophy.

Team Haiku with Mark Hutto, Grayden Miguel and Wesley Wong did not go home empty handed, as all 6 cowboys received a nice bronze sculpture of Manduke's cowboy saddle, polo boots , helmet, whip and polo mallet done by R. Roenisch.

The stage was set for a showdown!

Team Manduke

Team Oskie

Emiliano Achaval             2 Knox Weymouth     2
Billy Sheldon                     6 Kawika Manoa        4
Herman Louis De Coite    3 Kimo Hudleston      4


Once again this years tournament was an amazing exhibition of polo and horsemanship.
Billy Sheldon,  playing for Team Manduke, from Poway Polo Club, San Diego CA. Was the highest rated player at 6 goals. Billy is a 3 time winner of the United States Polo Assn Arena Open Championship.
For Team Oskie, Kimo "The Poi Pounder " Hudleston was the main player, rated at 4 goals.
All four chukkas were very close and high scoring. Going into the fourth and final chukka the score was tied at 9.
Both teams missed a lot of penalties. It was anybodys game.

At the end of the game, Team Manduke was up by one goal.
The final score after the bell was rung by longtime Polo Player and now fulltime dedicated, and Sunday crowd favorite Frank Crozier, was Team Manduke 13, Team Oskie 12.

Hot Apple Pie, one of Maui's best bands played after the game, while Julio Ramos and Allen & wife Crystal Vares & his gang served BBQ huli huli beef and chicken Salad and Rice etc.

A big mahalo to Katie Baldwin Achaval for sponsoring this years tournament.

Another big mahalo to MPC's  Vice President, Scott McKay and to Cary Burch for officiating this years game.

Thank you to all of you who came out to enjoy the game .
We will see you again next year. Aloha.

Kimo & EA

Billy Sheldon on Dip & Dots

Kawika Manoa on Doreen

Knox Weymouth

Billy Sheldon riding Reina

Ben Baldwin, Katie Baldwin Achaval & Emiliano Achaval

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