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Maui Polo Club 6 Goal Cup

5 teams competed in a week long tournament, the first one of the Outdoor season.

The Teams


  • Barry McKay
  • Peter Baldwin
  • Chris Baldwin
  • Lyn Baldwin

Hanalei Bay

  • Chris Dawson
  • Ron Bonaguidi
  • Kimo Huddleston
  • Krista Hawley

Lio Lani Ranch

  • Sisi Martin
  • Ka'aina Decoite
  • Herman L. Decoite
  • Frank Crozier / John Thuro

Hawaiian Iced Tea

  • Raymond Noh
  • Emiliano Achaval
  • Greg Davis
  • Jesse Neuwirth/Val Vairetta

Maui Yellow

  • Scott McKay
  • Knox Weymouth
  • Bob Nooney
  • Kawika Manoa

Lio Lani edged Hawaiian Iced tea 5 to 4 on Friday September 17 th. earning a trip to the finals. The other team in the finals was yet to be determined by the winner of a round robin between the rest of the teams. Hanalei proved to be to hot to handle, with 6 goal Kimo Huddleston at the helm, easily advancing to the finals after winning the round robin on Friday, as Maui Polo saw 2 great games on a weekday. The finals were played on Sunday September 19.

Once again Kimo Huddleston showed why he is 6 goals, a demonstration of horsemanship and mallet work through out the game. Herman Louis Decoite and his son Ka'aina made Kimo earn his pay, as they made great plays keeping the game close, the crowd loved the father and son team attacking and defending in unison.

Hanalei Bay won the 6 goal tournament.