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2000 Polo Season


Island Biker Tournament 2000

This year was the 6th annual Island Biker Tournament, sponsored by Bob Nooney and Jacque's Bistro.

The Teams:

Island Biker

  • Bob Nooney
  • John "The General" Thuro
  • Leslie Heltzen

Jacque's Bistro

  • Jesse Neuwirth
  • Scott McKay
  • Jillian Vickers

The game was a fast paced crowd pleaser, the biggest crowd of the season came to see the final tourney of the 2000 arena polo season. The lead changed a few times, but by half time, Jaques Bistro had a good lead and never lost it. At the end of the game, Jaques Bistro had a comfortable win of 13 to 6.

Gift certificates for dinners at Jacques Bistro were awarded to the winners, as well as t-shirts from Island Biker. As always, Chef Bob Nooney provided the best chili and rice plate, a tradition now at Maui Polo Club. We would like to say thank you to Island Biker, Bob Nooney and Jacques Bistro for Sponsoring the game!!

Oskie Rice Memorial Cup 2000

The Teams:

Haleakala Ranch

  • Bob Nooney
  • Scott Mackay
  • Emiliano Achaval

Kaonoulu Ranch

  • Joey Brittain
  • Donald DeCoite
  • Wesley DeCoite

The Oskie Rice Memorial was played this year on Sunday may 21 st. The teams were eager to play representing the 2 traditional ranches. Joey Britain was awarded the MVP trophy after the game by the Rice family. He very well deserved it! With only one chukker left to play, and down by 4 goals, Britain moved up to the number 1 position, and quickly scored 4 goals to tie the game. The final score being 10 to 9. Both teams played well, but at the end of the day, Kaonoulu Ranch players had assured that their names will be inscribed on the perpetual trophy. It proved to be an awesome  game for the crowd on hand.

The Maui Polo Club would like to thank the Rice & Peterson families for sponsoring this 2000 Oskie Rice Memorial, the BBQ after the game was great!!

Heineken MAAC Benefit 2000

Maui Polo Club, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii. Sunday, November 5th 2000.

Brandywine wins Heineken MAAC Benefit Game 2000!

After some heavy rains during the week prior to the game, we were greeted by a very nice sunny Sunday afternoon of Polo, on the slopes of the dormant volcano Haleakala.

This year was the 8th annual Maui Animal Aloha Center Heineken Benefit Game. The Maui Animal Aloha Center provides therapeutic riding for handicapped people, and their traveling troupe of animals (including 2 miniature horses) provide animal education to schools on Maui as well as retirement homes and hospitals.

The 2 teams played for the Maui Cup, the oldest and most coveted trophy in Hawaii.

The Teams:


  • Derek Naauau - 1
  • Knox Weymouth - 1
  • Peter Baldwin - 3
  • Kimo Huddleston - 6


  • Emiliano Achaval - 1
  • Herman L DeCoite - 4
  • Kawika Manoa - 5
  • Scott Mckay - 1

The 6 chukker game was the best game of the season, the field was completely surrounded by parked cars, some areas 3 deep, including some fans that travelled from the Kauai Polo Club, their annual pilgrimage to Upcountry Maui.

Kimo Huddleston once again proved to be almost unstoppable, but in this game he had to work extra hard. The teams went into the first chukker with high expectations. Kimo scored quickly in the first chukker, followed by another goal from Derek Naauau. PoloLio got on the scoreboard in the second chukker on a penalty shot, and then they tied the game with another penalty .

The third chukker was scoreless. On the fourth Kimo scored again, carrying the ball with ease from midfield, and passing the ball up to Derek, who finished the job. The score now was 3 to 2 in favor of Brandywine.

The fifth chukker was an amazing display of horsemanship and hitting, DeCoite and Manoa playing some great polo, and Kimo delighted the crowd by hitting some balls 100 plus yards. The game was tied at 4 in the 5th chukker.

Both teams played great defense in the 6th and final chukker, it showed in the low scoring numbers, at the end of the day, Brandywine, scoring the lonely goal in the 6 chukker, took the Maui Cup Home, with a final score of 5 to 4.

6 Goal Handicap 2000

The Teams


  • Herman Louis D.
  • John Thuro
  • Sisi Martin
  • Frank Crozier
  • Wesley DeCoite


  • Kimo Huddleston
  • Knox Weymouth
  • Dori Weymouth
  • Michelle Davis


  • Peter Baldwin
  • Chris Baldwin
  • Derrick Naauao
  • Scott McKay

Island Biker

  • Kawika Manoa
  • Bob Nooney
  • Jillian Vickers
  • Leslie Heltzen

Congratulations to Brandiwine on Winning the 6 Goal Handicap 2000, with a perfect record of 4 wins with no losses!!!

Abelina DeCoite Memorial Tournament 2000

L to R: Kimo Huddleston, Knox Weymouth, Karma Blackwell, Dory Weymouth, Ka'eo DeCoite, Wesley DeCoite, Herman Louis DeCoite, Dudley DeCoite

Makawao, Maui, Sunday November 19 2000 I'lima Cup

This year marked the 4 th Annual Abby DeCoite Memorial Tournament, The I'lima Cup. In Memory of the late Mother of Maui Polo Club Pro Herman Louis DeCoite. She was loved by everyone who was fortunate enough to have met her. She never said no when asked to make the beautiful I'lima leis, worn only by royalty in ancient times. A bright yellow native Hawaiian flower, the I'lima lei takes several hours to make.

On the Friday prior to the I'lima Cup, Brandywine defeated Racetrack, captained by Chris Baldwin, with Scott Mckay, Bob Nooney & George Manoa the III. Thus earning the right to play versus the All DeCoite Star Team. The second biggest crowd of the year came out to cheer the home team of the 3 DeCoite brothers, and Herman Louis son, Ka'eo. But Kimo once again proved to be worth his handicap and then some, Brandywine came out the victor at the end of the fourth chukker, just as they did in every game they played this year. Patron Knox Weymouth and Professional Polo player Kimo Huddleston, never lost a game in 3 months of play at the Olinda Outdoor polo field!

Following the game we had great food provided by the DeCoite gang, included the now world famous "Chicken Hekka", Herman DeCoite Sr.s' specialty, which He has been cooking for many years at special games, and for the past 4 exclusively at the I'lima Cup. A big Mahalo also to Danny & Michelle for Sponsoring the entertainment, the band Ku'akea. Another Mahalo to John and Cheryl Thuro for the great trophies!!! Overall,a great day at Maui Polo, Aloha!!

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