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1999 Season

Wahine Tournament 1999

Maui Polo Club hosted the "Wahine" (Hawaiian for women) Tournament. 3 teams competed in a 2 day round robin format. The first game was played on Friday October 26 th. at the Maui Polo Club Outdoor Polo field in Upcountry Maui on the slopes of the extinct volcano Haleakala.

The Teams

North Shore Ind.

  • Kate Weber
  • Valerie Vairetta
  • Sisi Martin
  • Celia Goodman

Hanalei Bay

  • Susan Stovall
  • Karma Havas
  • Krista Hawley
  • Dory Weymouth

Gonzales Hay

  • Jenny Gonzales
  • Lyn Baldwin
  • Nancy Porter
  • Leslie Heltzen

The visiting "Wahines", Susan Stovall, Jenny Gonzales and Kate Weber each captained a team. With all the Maui girls backing them up, action was fast and the crowd loved every minute of this first ever Wahine Challenge which was sponsored by Tequiza beer.

The final round robin was played on Sunday September 26 th. North Shore Industries entered the field with confidence after winning against both teams on Friday. That edge proved to be decisive as North Shore kept the lead again in both games, taking home the win.

Maui Polo Club would like to thank Susan, Kate and Jenny for coming to Maui to share their experience on and off the field with all the Maui "Wahine" players.